About Arosha Taglia

Arosha Taglia’s jewelry reflects the eclectic nature of its creator. 

Designer, painter, art director, sculptor and digital artist Arosha, believes that real creativity refuses closed boundaries and has to join the courage of an exploration with the playful soul of a child. Born and raised in Italy, where he graduated from the renowned School of Design and Applied Arts of Torino, Arosha now lives in Israel after the meeting with Gili, his partner in life and the marketing manager of their online venues.

In the last 20 years, Arosha focuses on jewelry design. It allows him to maximize his wide creative and artistic experience, which merges into the unmistakable signature of his creations. His jewels express his passionate approach to life, balanced with the centering achieved by the experience of meditation and the encounter with his master Osho.
Arosha’s jewelry is characterized by flowing, magical, organic and refined shapes, brightened by spots of diamonds, pearls and colored gemstones. His sources of inspiration are the mysteries of the Egyptian pantheon, the magic of the underwater world, modern art and contemporary life. His creations have been presented in art and design galleries worldwide.